Gold Plated Jewelry

Golden earrings, bracelets, necklaces and other jewelry items are extremely populair, definitely when combined together. For people with copper allergies silver, gold or silver-gold plated items are definitely the better option. Real gold is fairly expensive but golden items look – in general – a little more luxurious than their silver sisters. So who wouldn’t want to have a dresser full of golden earrings?! ..Too bad a full drawer of real golden items is a little too expensive for most of us. Gold-plated earrings are the more economic option if you want durable and long lasting items that give you the same the same luxurious look!

What do we mean with gold plated?
Don’t let the term ‘gold-plated’ mislead you as we see it used in a lot of different ways which can cause some confusion. Gold-plated means that the outside of your jewelry has a layer of gold. The term ‘gold-plated’ does not tell us much about the quality of the gold or the thickness of the layer of gold.It also doesn’t say anything about the base materials used underneath the layer of gold. The quality of gold-plated earrings therefore varies heavily, especially when the core of your jewelry piece is brass or steel.

BYSAVANNA’s jewelry
Our jewelry pieces always have a base of sterling (925) silver. This means they are of a high quality and you will notice fast how long they will last.

Some tips & tricks
Even though we can ensure you of the quality of our products we would like to give you some general tips & tricks to take care of your precious items and keep them as if they just came out of their box!

– Try to refrain from any contact with water, the colour of your earrings can fade. Of course you would love to shine in the swimming pool but we would advice you to quickly take off your items before entering the water. Don’t worry if you forget to take off your items before jumping under the shower but try to not make this a habit.
– Be careful with perfumes, make-up and bodylotions
– When you are not wearing your items it is best to carefully store them in a box (what about the cute BYSAVANNA box or sachet it came in!)

We would love to see how you wear our jewelry pieces. Don’t forget to tag us in your Instagram photos! @bysavannajewelry

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